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Tabby Cat Closeup  


Tabby Cat Closeup Pattern No. 1133


Gazing into the camera, this kitten is deep in kitty-cat thought. Adapted for counted

cross stitch, every detail is captured, right down the the gleam in her eye!


Are you a cross stitcher who loves interesting and complex designs? Do you enjoy the
challenge of a larger project, one that when finished will be a work of art to enjoy for
years? Then The Stitcher's Art has designs for you! Each design is worked in a
dazzling blend of colors to give the effect of the original design medium - in this case,

photography. Stunning detail makes this design not your ordinary counted cross stitch!


Please note that you are purchasing a pattern with instructions, not a kit. No fabric
or floss is included. We have listed fabric sizes below, and a detailed list of flosses
is included with the pattern


This pattern is designed to be stitched on white or off-white Aida fabric using DMC
floss, available in most craft shops or online. We provide you with a color chart with
DMC codes and the number of skeins needed to complete the design in 14 count
fabric. You will need less floss for 16 and 18 count, and more for 12 count. There

are 25 colors in this design.


Be sure to add four to six inches to the width and height of the finished design when
cutting your fabric.


Pattern is 200 stitches wide by 161 stitches high. Inches are approximate. This design
contains only full cross stitches.


Fabric Count ---Width (inches)---Height (inches)
14-------------------14.3--------------------- 11.5

16-------------------12.5--------------------- 10.0
18-------------------11.1---------------------   9.0

12-------------------16.7--------------------- 13.4


A download link to your pattern will be delivered to your email address within a few moments of your order. You will receive a PDF containing the pattern chart, instructions, floss usage and floss legend, and a full color picture of the design. We also include instructions for finishing off your project after stitching, to prepare it for framing or other use!


Why a digital file?
1 - No shipping costs for you!
2 - No waiting - Instant delivery!
3 - No printing and binding costs - saves you even more!
4 - Spill something on your chart? Just print that page again!

If you don't have an email from us within 5 minutes, please check your Spam Folder - sometimes our email will be mistakenly filtered as spam and placed there without your knowledge. If you still can't find it, please contact us and we will be happy to send you the link again.



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